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Term 2 - Mrs Carson

The Farm 🚜

The Farm - We have been exploring our new topic with lots of role play, art, games and sorting activities.

We have just loved our topic The Cold Lands. From ice experiments, making model penguins, drawing polar bears, creating polar landscapes and even building igloos…we have had such great fun with our friends whilst learning.

Numeracy - Sorting

Numeracy - Sorting - We used our logic people to sort for 3 criteria. We loved playing ‘find a friend’ and ‘missing piece’ games. Wonderful discoveries and ideas boys and girls.

🌎 📚 World Book Day 📚 🌎

World book Day 2024. We had great fun dressing up as characters from our favourite books and also wearing our pyjamas and discussing our favourite bedtime stories.

Number- Exploring Number bonds of 7. We used lots of our practical equipment to investigate the different ways we can make 7. Fantastic work boys and girls!