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Principal’s Address


St. Michael's is a Catholic maintained co-educational primary school. It is located in the Parish of Holy Rosary, Belfast Co. Antrim. The School was founded by the Sisters of Nazareth in 1974, a congregation of religious women working in America, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the United Kingdom. The Sisters provided support and care for those in need through their ministries of childcare and education.


I am delighted to welcome you to St Michael’s Primary School website.  We are a progressive, faith-based school in the catholic tradition with high expectations of our pupils and commitment to inclusiveness. As a Catholic School, we build upon the values of home and the parish. We encourage the development of a strong sense of faith and religious belief in all of our pupils. This website presents an invitation for everyone to experience a ‘snapshot’ of the vibrancy of our school life. Our vision is to work in partnership with everyone including our pupils, parents, parishes, other schools and the whole community to create a positive and inclusive environment for high quality learning and teaching where everyone is valued and respected.


The high standards evident throughout the school are the result of the professionalism of our staff coupled with the commitment and energy of our Pupils, Parents, Parent Choir, Parent – Teacher Association and Board of Governors. 


We provide extensive opportunities for the children in our care, ranging from an active learning school curriculum to membership of sports teams, a school orchestra, a school council, an eco-council and an ICT club. At St Michael’s we believe that learning is enhanced through school excursions, conferencing with celebrities and welcoming interesting local visitors into the classroom and outreaching internationally.


I hope this website will provide you with a flavour of the wide and diverse activities and excellent education being offered in our school.  We strive to provide a happy, caring and educationally productive environment that is a testament to the theme of our school motto:


“Courage Courtesy Concern”