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Walk to school week � 18th � 22nd May 2015

Walk to school week – 18th – 22nd May 2015

We want to help children in St Michael’s discover the health, social and environmental benefits of walking to school.
St Michael’s has participated very successfully over the past few years in “walk to school week’.  This year we are aiming to improve the number of children taking part.
As a school we are hoping to start a trend where the children walk to and/or from school on a regular basis.
Our school council would like to begin a WOW (walk once a week or walk on Wednesdays) campaign for the beginning of the next academic year, so walk to school week will help start this initiative.
By walking to school there are fewer cars on the road and less pollution, there will be less congestion, and the children will l become fitter and healthier.
 So from Monday we ask that you walk to school with your children, perhaps drive half way and park in Cherryvale and walk the rest of the journey. Children should only walk to school on their own if parents are satisfied they are aware of the dangers and use the Green Cross Code.
There are useful ideas on the ‘Walk to School’ website and Goodling “Tales of the Road” – this is interactive and fun for the children.
Teachers will go over the Green Cross Code and Road Safety with the pupils this week.  For those who wish to cycle/scoot on this week, we have a few safety reminders:
  1. The children should always wear a helmet.
  2. They should wear high visibility vests.
  3. School bags need to be worn correctly so that buckles etc do not get caught up in the mechanisms and nothing should be carried on the handlebars – both hands need to be on the bars.
  4. The children must wheel the bike into the playground.
  5. The bike should be brought home every day.
Parents need to be confident that their child has a full understanding of the safe way to ride their bike to school before allowing them to do so.
Enjoy ‘Walk to School Week’, be careful and have fun.