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Stay Safe . . . Stay Out

‘The ‘Stay Safe… Stay Out’ campaign is an initiative run by the Quarry Products Association NI (QPANI) in conjunction with our national organisation the Mineral Products Association (MPA), on behalf of the quarrying industry every year to raise awareness amongst younger children, teenagers, parents, teachers and youth workers about the dangers of entering quarries uninvited and unsupervised.


We are particularly concerned about teenagers who place their lives at risk by trespassing in both active and disused quarries. Over recent years, too many have been killed or seriously injured. In deed in 2013, during a two month period of exceptionally warm weather, six people drowned whilst swimming in former quarry sites across the UK and Ireland.


Once again we are working in partnership with the Health & Safety Executive for NI (HSENI) to highlight the issue to young people that quarries are not a safe place to play.


The joint leaflet( from the Association and HSENI provides more detail on the very serious risks young people face by entering quarries along with further information and resources and it is our sincere hope that with your support we can get our ‘Stay Safe… Stay Out’ message to the young people.