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Ciara Webb

Year Left School: 1999

I completed a BMus(Hons)at Queen's before moving to Edinburgh to study towards a degree in social work. I graduated with a BSC(Hons) in Social Work in 2009 and have been working as a Criminal Justice Social Worker for the City of Edinburgh Council ever since.

General Memories: I remember never wanting to have school dinners, unless it was the soup/hotdog/german biscuit combo! I remember loving the library and banging dusters on the walls at the steps to the playground. I remember Viscount mint biscuits being invented and we all talked about them in the playground; I'm not even sure they still exist any more! And I suppose even if they did, they wouldn't taste the same. I remember the big old oak tree that had to be cut down as it was diseased. And never being allowed to play on the grass. I remember once getting really confused in PE in the hall - Mr Venney took this class and we were playing with hula hoops. I thought he said we all should be swinging them round our arms but what he actually said was we SHOULDN'T do that and I had to stand out. I remember Sr Anette being my first ever teacher and still do a little handwriting exercise she taught us when I'm daydreaming.

Memories of Teachers: Sr Phillip was always very fair. Mr Venney took us for PE. Mr McLaren once picked my wee brother up off the floor to try and scare him but he thought it was hilarious! I have a very clear memory of that and trying not to laugh myself! I forget the name of my P7 teacher but he married the P6 teacher and we used to all giggle when they went in the store cupboard together (!). I remember him hiding under the stage in the 1998 school play The Sound of Music playing the guitar for Edelweiss. I remember Mrs Dallat (P3) teaching me to tell the time.

Memories of School Trips and Events: I remember going to some residential thing in P7 and having to do outdoors things. Never really my cup of tea and still isn't! Our school play was Ali Baba and the 4 Thieves. I was a harem girl - we still have the home video!

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I played the viola since I was in P3 and was taught initially by Miss McKinney - a post I later took on as maternity cover within St Michael's! I still play the viola, and the fiddle now too, and do regular concerts with the Meadows Chamber Orchestra in Edinburgh. St Michael's was the first orchestra I ever played with - and I remember at a secondary school I later went to the comment from my parents that St Michael's orchestra was better than the one in the secondary school! I remember learning first aid, how to play chess and knit. I think we had clubs every Wednesday afternoon and we had to rotate round them.


James Devlin

Years at school: 1991 to 1998

Studied BA in Drama at Liverpool, later completing a MA at QUB. Now working as an English and Science Teacher at a primary school in Madrid, Spain.

General Memories: My favourite memory from St Michael's is the choir trip to Sweden in P6. It was my first opportunity to travel abroad, and from the moment I heard the news we were going, until the end of the trip, I was ecstatic. It was such an unbelievable opportunity for children aged 10 and 11 to meet others from countries such as Israel, Palestine, South Africa, Lithuania to name just a few, and to sing and dance with them. Other memories are thinking the canteen and hall were huge, then returning when I was in Aquinas to realise how small they are. I remember going to Nazareth Lodge every year to make confessions in the big chapel upstairs, the gravel pitch at the back, the frog pond which I once fell into, the woods at the front, and the butterfly garden, which was a disaster as everyone would perch on the fence, then either fall or be pushed in, and be at the mercy of the dinner ladies trying to untangle them from the thorns.

Memories of Teachers: I remember Sister Vincent, the principal being a bit of a tough nut, but great at her job, and I always liked her. I loved my P2 teacher Miss Crowe, she was really funny, and in P1, I was a bit fascinated by Miss Douglas who I thought was so glamorous. Sister Philip was really kind, and very fair, I still see her occasionally when I'm back home, but my favourite was Sister Teresa in Bethlehem. She was so kind, and gentle, and all the kids loved her.

Memories of School Trips and Events: P3 going to Belvoir Forest, with Sr Aquinas's class, and my mum was one of the minders. P6 going to Tolleymore and Tropicana, loved it. P7, going to Fermanagh for the week, hated it. I can vaguely remember a few farms here and there, but the best memory was Sweden.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I was in the choir for 4 years, and really loved it. In P5, we came 3rd in School Choir of the Year, and we were really proud, and the next year we went to Sweden. Then there was the sports days, which I liked because there would be a barbeque. Every year there would be the summer fair in the playground, except for one year when it had to be held in a hall in the back of Nazareth Lodge because it was always raining.


Francine Smyth

Years at school: 1991 to 1997

I have three beautiful boys one who's at the school tho won't name to save embarrassment! They're aged 9 , 3, 2, I am a qualified child worker and have previously worked for day nursurys!

General Memories: I remember the butterfly garden, frog pond, stony playground, making my first confession in Nazareth lodge chapel (scary), assembly's with Mr Mc Larnen and Sr Vincent, the canteen seeming so big, Mrs Madine falling in canteen slippery floor during video on rainy day, a certain Miss Jackson throwing up in the sink in Mrs Carswell's class lol.. Going to principal for sweets on my birthday

Memories of Teachers: My memories of teachers are all good, favourite being Mrs Crowe in year 7.. Remember Mrs Smyth the sub teacher and educational teacher lol.. Mr Venny pe teacher was very good, loved when we were finally allowed to play on ropes!

Memories of School Trips and Events: Absolutely loved my year 7 trip to Fermanagh enjoyed the disco on the last night hoping to dance with a boy but would rather beat them up! The banana boat!! Ahh fell off.. Trip to Sweden with choir brilliant, Sr Phillip and Mr Doherty keeping us in line! Armagh rhymers at Cultura,

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Enjoyed swimming club at Maysfield leisure centre being in teddy bear group. Loved sports day in large field behind stony playground and you could buy burgers after delicious! Loved getting outta class for choir though unsure how I was in it as I haven't a note in my head but I loved singing at corn market at Christmas!


Eva Maloney (was Hamilton)

Year Left School: 1997

I am now a teacher in England in Colchester. I teach maths. I now am married with 4 kids and love them to bits

General Memories: I loved my year 7 trip to Fermanagh enjoyed the disco on the last night hoping to dance with a boy and I did who is now my husband.

Memories of Teachers: I remember Mr Doherty he was my fav teacher he had lots of storys to tell and always made class fun in some way

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I have a memory which has stuck in my head since the day it happened. It was when we played a football match Girls vs Boys and the girls won, I scored the winning goal. I will never forget that day!