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School Council Update - October 2014

October 2014
This month we secured an appointment and will visit Stormont Buildings on 13th January 2015.  During our trip we will get some more information on how our political system is run in Northern Ireland and meet some of our local MLA’s. 
This month we have been brainstorming ideas on a few improvements we could make to our school.  We will be researching prices and planning some fundraising ideas to fund these improvements. We will keep you all posted on any developments!!!
School council also created a ‘lost property’ stall in the assembly hall for pupils to re-claim their belongings.  We will host this every month to get all items back to their rightful owners. Be aware if you have lost anything it will go to our lost property store and each month look out our re-claim stall, each class will be called one at a time to visit the stall and reclaim their items.
This month we met Ferghal Mckinney, our local MLA.  He came into school to discuss local politics and tell his all about his job.  He gave us advice on what we could do with our school council and we got to ask him LOTS of questions.  Thank you Ferghal.
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