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September 2017

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We have harvested some of our lovely fruit, vegetables and herbs that have grown during the summer. We are so proud of our first garden club harvest at St Michaels!


We have also started our application to receive RHS Level 2 Gardening Award!



We have been continuing to harvest all our lovely fruit and vegetables in our Gardening Club. Miss Hunter cooked and roasted our huge squash and juicy tomatoes and we had a delicious feast of squash, tomatoes and cucumber. All the children in Gardening Club are getting to take some of our potatoes home to cook. Remember prize for the best tomato plant that was taken home and cared for during the summer holidays or the best cooking picture using our harvest vegetables and fruit is next week so don’t forget your pictures!


Halloween 1
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We had so much in Gardening Club getting ready for Halloween! We carved terrifying pumpkins and funny faces. We didn’t realise pumpkin carving could be so much fun!

November & December

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November & December 6

We have been so busy in gardening club. We have made two bug hotels using palettes, tubes, straw and mud. We think these will be very cosy homes for all our wildlife.

We have also made bird feeders using birdfeed, lard, peanut butter and cheerios. We think the birds really enjoyed our bird feeders as they were all eaten when we went back!

March 2018

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March 2018 2

We have finally got our new trees ready to be planted around the school after Easter when Gardening Club resumes. We’re keeping them nice and cosy until they’re ready to plant so keep an eye out in April for all the details of our new trees around the school!